Il y a 100 ans, les agapes de La Plume

par Guy de Grosbois, Jacques Rupnick
19891990, in La Revue des revues no 8

One hundred years ago, a worldly La Plume (1889-1989)

Compared to Mercure de France and the Revue Blanche, La Plume is often considered to be a diffuse journal, torn between contradictory currents. In reality. La Plume passed through various phases, and had its symbolist, naturalist, then neo-symbolist periods. However, it is mostly the cultural and worldly activities organized under its auspices that lent a stamp of originality to the review. A crossroads for ideas, La Plume was also a place for festivities, which the author recalls on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of its founding.

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