La Philosophie en revues

par Joël Roman
19891990, in La Revue des revues no 8

Philosophy-journals in France

In France, philosophy enjoys the kind of social prestige that is rarely attributed to this field elsewhere, since elsewhere phisolophy is usually confined to the university. Indeed, French philosophical journals were most often founded outside of the university, free from its doctrinal constraints. This, however, did not prevent some of them – as their reputations grew – from becoming real institutions. The mutations this discipline has undergone in France have been conditioned by the constant presence of philosophy in the public debate, especially where the crisis of ideologies is concerned, and in the remarkable resurgence of political philosophy. In this context, philosophy has been able to enlarge its audience for it is of interest not only to the specialized journals presented here by the author, but to all publications concerned with ideas, and which gladly sollicit the opinions of philosophers.

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