La Redécouverte des revues d’avant-garde

par Jean-Michel Place
1989, in La Revue des revues no 7

The re-discovery of the avant-garde magazines : Interview with Jean-Michel

For the last 15 years, the publisher Jean-Michel Place has devoted himself to re-editing a series of avant-garde magazines, principally dadaist and surrealist: L’OEuf dur, Bifur, Littérature, Le Grand Jeu, La Révolution Surréaliste, etc. in all, close to 30 publications, acclaimed in our day but unknown and marginal in their time. Exposing the principal intellectual and material problems posed by these re-editions, he traces the evolution and the caracteristica of this editorial enterprise, notably in relation to similar projects of « re-printing », such as those elaborated during the 1970’s by Kraus, Slatkine, etc. He also evokes the significance of his encounter with André Vasseur, one this century’s most important and original magazine collectors.

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