Les revues portugaises à la suite de Pessoa

1989, in La Revue des revues no 7

Portugese magazines following Pessoa

Two magazines, Orpheu and Presença, have marked Portugese literary life in the first half of the 20th century. Created in 1915 by the poet, Pessoa, Orpheu introduced the major modern themes to Portugese literature. From 1927 to 1940, Presança confirmed the triumph of literary modernity. Along with these two reviews, others appeared of varying tendancies : nationalistic (Ideia Nacional), left wing (Seara Nova), or personalist (O Tempo eo Modo). As of 1950 however, the literary sections of the large dailies and weeklies were the privileged centre of the cultural debates. If there remains a limited number of Portugese readers today, as the author concludes, it is nevertheless composed of an active minority capable of supporting a diversified editorial activity.

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