Manomètre et l’avant-garde internationale à Lyon 1922-1928

par Marnix Bonnike
19891990, in La Revue des revues no 8

Manomètre and the International Avant-garde 1922-1928

Il is thanks to Dr Emile Malespine that the city of Lyons has its place in the history of literary and artistic avant-garde movements of the 1920s. The foundor of Manomètre, Malespine knew how to utilize the international network of small dadaist, futurist, and constructivist journals to animate a limited group of Lyonese interested in modern ideas.
Exchanging articles, poems, illustrations, collaborators, and useful addresses made it possible for those who worked on isolated reviews far from the cultural capitals to escape from the heaviness and constraints of the official cultural establishment and take part in the new movements of the day. Marnix Bonnike, who is the author of a memoir on the subject, is able to define the role that Manomètre played in this international network of avant-garde publications, largely due to previously unpublished documents and correspondences. The article also presents two other literary reviews which were published during the same period in Lyons : Promenoir (1921-1922) and Le Mouton Blanc (1922-1924) (p. 6-8).

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