Francosphères is the new bi-annual journal of the University of London Institute in Paris, published in association with University of Liverpool Press. Francosphères is intended as a journal of transcultural and intercultural French Studies. It is a journal that is about liminal spaces rather than being simply about ‘French’ or ‘Francophone’ culture.The journal seeks to define and question the presence of French language and culture across frontiers and borders, as defined by the Franco postcolonial presence, contact with French culture, and the ‘France of the mind’.Taking its cue from recent advances in postcolonial theory and gender theory, it also investigates the legitimacy of these issues within France itself. Francosphères offers an opportunity to reflect critically on ‘concentrations’ of creative and counter-hegemonic endeavours in which the French language, French culture or an ‘idea’ of Frenchness have played a determining role, thereby contributing to the development of new critical paradigms for our ‘post-national’ era.It is intended that the book reviews will also reflect specific spheres of production, ranging beyond the field of the arts and humanities to address how recent publications reflect both shared preoccupations across institutional boundaries and zones of influence extending out of particular hubs of activity.

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