Henri Michaux et Jean Ballard. Correspondance, février-avril 1941

par Jean Ballard, Henri Michaux
1993, in La Revue des revues n° 16

Henri Michaux and Jean Ballard. Correspondance, february-april 1941

After the German occupation of Paris in 1940, the South of France found itself being a shelter for exiled authors of the capital. One of them, Henri Michaux proposed in 1941 to publish a small volume of texts in Jean Ballard’s publishing house Cahiers du Sud. Although the two men tried their best to make this endeavor possible, their efforts rested in vain because of the unstable situation, the shortening of paper and finally the threat of censorship.
After an introductory note by Karine Feng, eleven letters of Ballard and Michaux are reproduced.

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