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Dédié à l'art, les femmes et l'Afrique

Second opus : le Sénégal est au centre des 160 pages de ce nouveau numéro IAM – Intense Art Magazine, dédié à la scène artistique contemporaine au féminin d’Afrique et de sa diaspora. Elles sont artistes, stylistes, designers, pionnières ou figures de la nouvelle scène, IAM Sénégal s’illumine de cette énergie créative “made in Africa”.

IAM – Intense Art Magazine is the first artistic platform that celebrates women in the fields of visual arts, fashion, design and architecture in Africa, as well as the first artistic space focusing on women as an artistic subject. IAM – Intense Art Magazine is built on interactions; on people from different cultural, social and educational backgrounds coming together in one place to create intellectual bridges and further connections; and on a richness of exchanges and collaborations that stimulate opportunities for personal reflection, critical thinking and development. We pride ourselves on being a source of transmission among, and across, generations and continents in our goal to discover and explore the profusion of African contemporary creativity and to make the extraordinary achievements of women and artists visible and accessible at all time.



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IAM - Intense Art Magazine
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Ultime publication : 2018
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